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W. M. Kornovich
"Janice 'T' was powerfully, wonderfully written. I lived with her through the whole story.... Both of us 'screamed with delight' as we read Addison.

"Both of us have finished reading the book. We found the stories catching, absorbing and gripping. Each in its own distinctive way was engrossing and held our attention to the end."
Marilyn & Bob Sadorf
Sierra Vista, Arizona

“… as a dedicated reader of fiction I really enjoyed these stories of everyday people in everyday situations. I could feel myself in the middle of the action... an experience of being there in the story. The author has a great gift for story telling.”
John Wheeler
Crystal River, Florida

“This book is a very satisfying read. The author returns to ‘old fashion’ story telling. Excellent stories – excellent writing.”
R. Kurtz
Pasadena, California

“The lead story, The Sins and Redemption of Janice ‘T’, was an emotional experience for me… an honest and realistic story from today’s headlines. The remaining stories contribute to a well thought-out book.”
Patty Hinkemeyer
Princeton, Minnesota

“The author’s lifetime commitment to country, family and community is reflected in these stories. The writing is honest, the people are real and the situations are sometimes predictable and sometimes contrary to expectations. The author’s inherent creativity and excellent portrayal of characters combine for genuine reading pleasure. If you enjoy contemporary literature you will enjoy reading this book.”
Ralph Tanner
Phoenix, Arizona

to read the short story "Irrigation Ditch" from the book.

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