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A collection of short stories that examine the aspirations
and frailties of the human spirit--love, despair and hope.

The Sins & Redemption of Janice 'T'  is a collection of eleven fictional stories about human emotions without judgment. Rich
in imagery, the stories are about the human heart in diverse settings and circumstances. The cover story is about Janice 'T' who battles with alcoholism, drug addiction and her treatment. Her work with the staff and in particular the developing close relationship with her chaplain has all the makings of a rewarding as well as a tragic human drama.

   The story "Addision" is about a southern Arizona town once
a mining center, now an arts colony and tourist attraction. The community is a diverse population of characters both interesting and eccentric.

   "Dusty Parade" examines the great human toll of war and the devastation confronting a rural family with three sons fighting in WWII. Two sons are injured physically; the entire family emotionally scarred.

  "Interview" is a science fiction story examining the impact of our youth oriented culture upon the dreams of a middle-aged professional woman looking for a job.

  The remaining stories are each unique, demonstrating the diversity of the author's talent for observing the human condition.

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